Across Boulder County, an estimated 800 individuals with IDD live with family members aged 60 and above due to a scarcity of affordable, quality, and community-based housing. This situation is unsustainable. That’s why we started Ramble Community Connections. It is a program that helps adults with IDD access affordable housing and thrive in independent community groups. In addition to supporting the availability of affordable housing, this program offers activities, experiences, and interactive engagements that support people of all abilities and create opportunities for them to develop sustainable, natural relationships with their neighbors near and far. Boulder Housing Partners’ (BHP) 30Pearl Affordable Housing Project is the first of hopefully many more in Boulder’s future. Thanks to our partnership with BHP,  20 Boulder County residents with IDD are building an exciting new community in the heart of downtown Boulder with ready access to shopping, transportation and jobs. We seek to grow that number in 2022 and beyond.

Ramble Marketplace


In 2018, BHP invited The Ramble Collective to join them in creating an Independent Living Community for adults living with IDD as part of their 30Pearl Affordable Housing Project. The project includes 20 units specifically allocated to adults with IDD. It also provides an opportunity for The Ramble Collective to occupy a combination of retail and community spaces co-located with these apartments.

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